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We have been tailoring garments for clients and companies since 2015. Sustainably. Locally. As a small batch production we support Czech designers in creating their collections. We sew formal, leisure and workwear from one to thousands of pieces. We love to inspire you with our own creations. Wedding season is all year round for us.

We dress successful men and charming women. We sew for companies, brands, and designers. 

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Custom tailoring, a space where we discuss your ideas and desires. We will make clothes according to your inspiration or we will invent them together. You can choose from our portfolio of fabrics and cuts, our suppliers are primarily from Europe and the Middle East. You will take away clothes that will harmonise with you and last for years. Together we can create your distinctive style and bespoke wardrobe. We will alter an older suit or dress to suit your needs or include it in our upcycling program where it will be given a new life.

We love you

You are a source of inspiration for us.

Bronislava Holbíková

long-term client 

My relationship with SALONč4 is such that almost every day I go to work or to the company in some piece from the workshop of this chic group. I've had my oldest pieces for over 10 years and they are still timeless and original. I look forward to the next one.

Radim Buvala

wedding suit

I knew I wanted a bespoke suit for my wedding that I would feel great in. After many recommendations, I visited SALONč4 and at the very first meeting, Filip and I choise the cut, fabric and shape. The approach and the suit itself exceeded my expectations. Carefully tailored from quality fabric.

Jana Poláková

bridesmaid dress 

I came to SALONč4 unannounced. I was immediately impressed by the personal and human approach of the whole team. Designer Šarka's effort to meet my wishes and her words: "I'm looking forward to this dress," made me extremely happy. The result exceeded my expectations. Mrs. Šárka captured my soul in the dress, it is just right for me. And the reaction of the wedding guests? "After the bride, the most beautiful dress." I'm glad I'm the owner.

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