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Success is in the details

Company culture is not only about clear processes and common goals but also about the environment in which you operate. We design and tailor clothing for top management or provide embroidered polo shirts for production teams.

How we work

Creating the visual

Let's discuss your ideas. We'll look at materials and designs. We will create a visual communication that will be in line with your vision.


Before we get to work, we'll send you a quote for you to approve. Then we will order the fabrics and materials and start sewing.

Handover of products

We will come directly to your company and hand over individually wrapped clothing for each employee. The package also includes a maintenance manual.

Subsequent modifications

In the event that clothing needs to be altered for some employees, the first alteration is included in the price of the product. The goods are covered by a standard two-year warranty.

Do you have any questions?

Is tailored clothing considered work wear?

Yes, clothing always bears the name of the wearer or company and therefore can be considered workwear.

What are the delivery times?

The standard delivery time for 20 employees is up to 8 weeks.

Do you design clothes for companies?

Based on the information you provide, the colour palette and the application, we will design clothing for your employees that meets your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Where do you get your materials from?

Our suppliers are exclusively European producers of fabrics and components. We trade directly with the manufacturers.