creative woman timeless dress


We love women in all their forms and transformations. We are each different, yet all from Venus. Changeable, affectionate, tender, alluring, loving, sometimes insecure, rebellious and passionate. We are the source of life on Earth, the security for men.

How we work

We create your cut 

Discuss your needs and visions. We will select the materials and finalize the design, fine tune the details.


Before we get to work, we will send you a quote for your approval. We will then order the fabrics and materials and get to work on the first fitting


You will have two to three fittings. At the first, there is room for major changes such as adjusting the length or the shape of the cut, and at the second, we fine-tune the last details. 

We deliver you the finished piece

We will hand over the clothes to your 100% satisfaction. If you change your mind in the future, we will be happy to alter or modify the model for you.

Anything new?

We will sew clothes according to your inspiration or we will invent them together

Our work

Bronislava Holbíková

long-time client

"My relationship with SALONč4 is such that I almost never go to work or to the company without some piece from Salon's skillful team and workshop. I've had my oldest pieces for over 10 years and they are timeless and orginial. I look forward to the next one."

Jana Poláková

"I came to SALONč4 unannounced. I was immediately impressed by the personal and human approach of the entire team. The owner's effort to accommodate my wishes and her words, "I'm looking forward to this dress" made me extremely happy.  The result exceeded my expectations. The SALONč4 team captured my soul in a dress. It was just right for me. And the reaction of the wedding party: "The most beautiful dress, after the bride." I am so glad I am the owner of this dress."

Do you have any questions?

I have a favourite outfit. Can you modify it for me?

Yes, we can alter your favourite piece. Our hourly rate for these cases is 660,- Kč. We also do express modifications within 24 hours.

I know exactly what I want. Can you sew it for me?

Yes, come with a photo of your dream dress and we will make it for you. 

Can you give me advice?

We are here for you and we are full of ideas. We will figure out what type of clothes fit you best and advise you on the right colour and fabric that will compliment you best.

What fabrics do you use?

We use certified fabrics from suppliers all over the world. First and foremost, we look at the origin, properties, and composition of the fabrics to suit the character of the product.