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Bespoke wedding dresses


How we work

We create your cut

Let's discuss your ideas. We'll look at materials and designs to then create a cut that fits you best. We'll work together to fine-tune the details.


Before we get to work, we will send you a quote for you to approve. Then we will order the fabrics and materials and start sewing.

You come to the fittings

You will have two to three fittings. At the first, there is room for major changes such as adjusting the length and shape of the cut, and at the second, we fine-tune the last details. 

We deliver you the finished dress

We hand over the clothes to your 100% satisfaction. If you want to alter your wedding dress for regular wear after the wedding, we are at your service. 

You just have to want it

What our brides say about us

Kateřina Soukupová

"I am very petite, so a tailored dress was a pretty obvious choice for me. I'm so glad I discovered SALONč4 when choosing a tailor because we were able to create a minimalistic yet totally unique dress! In the hands of true professionals (and in a cozy environemt where I always looked forward to every fitting), the dresses I put together were based on photos from the internet and my own ideas. But it was also made on the spot because we made small changes at every consulation after the fitting. We sewed, added, or took away fabric. The icing on the cake (on the dress) was the beautiful embroidery, which I came up with relatively last minute. Thanks to the fact that SALONč4 didb't shy away from the idea, I had a really unique story embroidered on the train of my dress. I'm not sure any other bride in the world has ever had one!"

Aneta Khairi

cooperation of SALONč4 and designer Jiří Hofbauer

"When I started thinking about what I wanted my wedding dress to look like, I knew it had to be something special. I wanted the dress to be elegant, luxurious, yet sophisticated. All of these traits came together thanks to my friend, the designer Jiří Hofbauer, and the perfect work of SALONč4. I would like to thank you all immensely for your work, humanity, empathy, and friendship. You all made me feel exactly how I dreamed I would feel on this unforgettable day."

Lenka Skřivánková

"I wanted to feel comfortable and beautiful in my wedding dress. I had an idea of how it could look and I trusted SALONč4.

The collaboration was amazing, great communication and most important to me, the enthusiasm, smiles and positive vibe at every appointment. The fabric selection was very efficient and the fine-tuning of my dress was too. I wasn't stressed at all about whether it was going to work out, which I needed.

The dress was very lightweight, great to move in and beautiful too. SALONc4 absolutely met my expectations of how to handle a dress."

Do you have any questions?

I know exactly what I want. Can you sew it for me?

Yes. Come with a photo of your dream dress and we will make it for you.

Can you advise me?

We want you to be excited about the dress. We will think about your wedding wishes and if you are still hesitant, we will send you to a great bridal salon to try on what you like and what suits you. Then we'll talk more specifically and come up with a unique dress for you together.

What fabrics do you use?

We use certified fabrics from suppliers all over the world. Above all, we look at the origin, properties and composition of the fabrics to suit the nature of the product.